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The Host

Becky Shiles is the human that pays for all of the craft materials and dog treats featured in the show.

Why crafts? Becky was born into a family overflowing with talent. Her grandmothers taught her to knit and crochet as early as seven years old. Her mom is a talented artist and teacher and her father is also an artist and writer. Her sisters, aunts and cousins are all talented artists and crafters and are quick to share their talents with others. There was never any lack of inspiration. The question was never, would she do crafts, but how many would she learn?

Path to the podcast In elementary school, where your favorite subject might have been English, Math, or Lunch, Becky’s favorite was always Show & Tell. Maybe it’s because she’s the middle kid of six, but she loves to share and can’t seem to get enough of the spotlight. In high school, Becky skipped science and math classes for Advanced Stitchery, in which she spent more time teaching the teacher than learning. In college, she got a job at a fabric store, running the craft department. When asked about what crafts she knew, she answered, “It’s easier to tell you which ones I don’t do.” (Macrame and plastic canvas, in case you were wondering.) Over the years she has taught people to knit and crochet, passing on the tradition handed down from her grandmothers.


The true star of the show, Harley is the smartest dog alive. Just ask him. He is a self-taught service dog, happily cleaning the craft studio and fetching dropped tools in return for a dog treat here and there. He also reminds Becky when it is time for dinner, finds lost tennis balls, and watches over the girls.


The mama of the family, Scooter is all about love. And barking. Scooter’s job is guarding against invaders, especially the squirrel kind, and playing dead for laughs.


She may be loco, but Pixie is charming and a lot smarter than she lets on. Born with a screw loose, she’s afraid of everything except for Harley. She is our fashion model – thin, beautiful and nutty.

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