Ep. 2 – Getting Started in Scrapbooking for $25 or less – sample

Now that you have your supplies, I show you how to make a scrapbook page that is simple but effective.

When I first started in scrapbooking, I had nothing but a scrapbook, a small pack of paper, a good pair of scissors and an archival pen. It wasn’t until later that I turned into a crafting pack rat (some would say hoarder, but we ignore them.) No matter what my craft room indicates, it’s not the amount of supplies that makes for a good page. It’s all about making good use of your supplies.

Not that there’s anything wrong with having lots of fun tools and supplies to play with. Still, even if you have a huge stash/hoard of crafting supplies, try challenging yourself to do something with just the basics.

Tune in next time when we talk about how to spend the next $25 in your basic scrapbook budget. I love spending money, especially when it’s not mine!

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